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Our apron risk alert AI engine monitors designate apron areas to notify of any risks, as soon as possible to prevent accidents and injury.

Apron Risk


Safety and security is of the upmost importance. Safety training is the foundation of risk awareness and assessment, however human error is inevitable. Our apron risk alert AI engine can be customized to monitor a variety of motions/activities. Alerts are sent in real time when activity, debris or persons are found inside a secure area. Regular reports are produced which can be analyzed for trends or to make insightful adjustments.

Reduce injuries or collisions
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Customizable AI
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Reports to identify common errors/trends 
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Cost savings on
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Airport Compliance Scenarios

Area Intrusion Monitoring

Detect if any objects have entered restricted or designated areas on the apron.

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Ground Personnel Coordination

Ensure that ground personnel are in the place and prepared to greet the aircraft before it arrives at its designated position.

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Aircraft Pushback Safety

Verify that personnel are escorting and monitoring both sides of the aircraft's wings during the pushback process.

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Jet Bridge Positioning

Confirm that the jet bridge has been retracted and returned to its fixed position before the aircraft is pushed back.

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Ground Personnel Safety

Recognize whether ground personnel are wearing the required reflective vests for improved visibility and safety on the apron.

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