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Reduce human intervention requirements with our cost-efficient AI solution


Our AI solution uses existing live video streams to detect foreign object debris and, if desired, it can be teamed with an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that identifies debris, capture images, send notifications, or engages to move or disperse the object – such as a bird or other animal.

Reduce human intervention 
Design 19.png
Lower impact on environment and wildlife
Design 20.png
Lower number of risks and accidents
Design 21.png
 Minimize downtime in runways
Design 22.png


Unmanned vehicle with a camera that is able to approach FOD
Design 23.png
Realtime notifications after analysis of image
Design 25.png
Engage and remove FOD under certain circumstances
Design 7
Use of existing cameras with the ability to customize the type of FOD 
Design 24.png
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