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Aéroport AI offers business advisory services


Our AI program does the heavy lifting of identifying delays, alerting when intervention is required and providing recommendations for further optimization through our Strategy optimization engine. However, we also understand that attaining time and money savings and achieving environmental gains requires action on data and recommendations. Simply identifying the problem does not result in actual savings. That is why Aéroport AI offers business advisory services such as change management.

Our change services provide clients with


Implement changes to turn around processes which mitigates risk

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Properly inform people of what they need to know at the right time

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Change Leadership

Get buy-in to change within all levels of the organization

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Knowledge transfer and training to operationalize change

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A change management strategy and plan that suits your needs

Aéroport AI change experts collaborate with the client’s team to provide the support level needed.

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We guide you and your team of change management professionals with with recommended strategy 

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We work with your change management resources, to confirm a strategy and create a detailed plan that will help you execute

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We lead the strategy work and bring in resources to execute all activities

We use an iterative approach in each option, reviewing progress and making adjustments periodically - cadence of iterations to be determined in the first sprint/phase of the project

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